Waking up how to feel more awake

What is the biggest enemy to all the morning haters out there? Yes, it must surely be the alarm clock when it every morning,  loud and rowdy and addicts one to stand up.
You feel tired, depressed and with no energy left even though you have been sleeping all night. And when you finally succeed after several attempts to get out of the warm bed you are dizzy.

For most of the morning haters suffer from too low blood pressure (hypotonia). When they stand up, pouring blood down into the veins in the legs when they stand. This gives the brain too little oxygen, and you get dizzy or faint briefly.

In contrast to high blood pressure too low blood pressure is not a disease, but "only" a functional disorder, which is either a response to a disease (heart disease or hormonal disorder) or is hereditary.

Here are some tips on how to stop this and make you feel more awake.

Movement is more important than medicine. Swimming, jogging, cycling-anything that can bring your blood pressure up on brands.
Bath with alternating cold and warm water combined with brush massage can provide an active start to a new day for those who don't like to get up.
Drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, as well as Rosemary-tea-and-grab on and a glass of sparkling wine in the evenings, you can liven up your circuit.
Take a Rosemary-bath at regular intervals. Also externally, you can use this herb, which has a pleasant invigorating effect.
Connective tissue massage has an excellent effect on a blood pressure that is too low. Talk to your doctor-he may want to. give you a referral if you have needs for connective tissue massage.
And if you still feel tired during the day, so put your forearms in cold water for 1-2 minutes and massage them. then wipe thoroughly. This puts you in the blood circulation.

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