Orthotic insoles how they make shoes more comfy!

Okay so in my last post, i told you the ways in which you grow taller in which i told you about shoe lifts (height increase insoles) well i thought that today it would be appropriate to tell you some more things about the inbuilt orthotics that the shoe lifts use to make them more comfortable to wear than your usual shoes.

Orthotics have been around for quite a while and have been used by both athletes to enhance there sport performance in the form of sport insoles and ordinary people who wish to ease foot pain and prevent foot problems that may happen in later life.

How do they do this?
Well orthotic insoles consist of a design that can absorb shock that would otherwise go straight to the heel or foot bones and damage them and the tissue around them.
Instead the cushion effect the orthotic's produce effectively eliminates most of the damaging energy and converts it into a bounce which can actually help you run faster.

Yet another special feature many orthotics have is that the insoles instead of letting pressure built in particular place will actually spread out the pressure which could be caused by body weight and gravity which is most common on your heel and the orthotics will actually spread this pressure evenly on your foot and heel instead so it is less focused and less damaging as result of this.

No I am not taking the mick, I am gonna tell you... yes another benefit of orthotics. Did you know that over times as you get older your feet will start to weaken with age meaning that you are more susceptible to tearing of parts of ligaments and tissue on your foot and heel including the plantar fascia, well to help prevent this from happening orthotics will actually provide you with  support that if worn overtime will actually strengthen these muscles and tissues which otherwise would tear meaning you will have less risk of getting such problems as plantar faciitis and other foot problems in the future, all because you chose to wear orthotic insoles instead of regular flat insoles.

That reminds me... your feet are not flat but in fact have a slight curve (arch) in them. This arch must be supported as it has to support itself a great deal with your whole body weight plus it it the first point of contact in which your feet hits the floor when you run, jump or walk so it needs all the help it can get. Many orthotic products have built in arch supports to give the foot of your arch extra support when under the constant strain of gravity and your body weight... Just imagine a bridge if to much weight is constantly going over a bridge it will eventually collapse (that why they have signs telling you max weight limits) adding a few supporting beams to the bridge will mean there will be less of a strain on the bridge and even more weight can be driven over it... this is the same for your arch and arch supports.
Lack of support to your arch can also be the most common reason for foot cramps as well.
Proof indeed that orthotics do make wearing shoes more comfortable... all day long.

Orthotic insoles are not very big as well so you don't have to worry about compromising on the style of your shoes for comfort at all!

As you can see for yourself there are a lot of benefits to wearing orthotic insoles so why don't you decide for yourself whether they are worth buying or not?

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