Is the time when you are taking a multivitamin important?

It is best to have a multivitamin during meals. The fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed in combination with the meal, which usually contains an amount of fat. Also vitamin C you better during the meal, because it improves the absorption of iron from the meal. In addition, vitamin C from the formation of nitrosamines in the stomach against harmful nitrate. For the vitamins of the B complex vitamins makes the time of taking out.

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Are multivitamins that slowly (' time released ') better than normal vitamin supplements?

Theoretically speaking the body would be able to take mega doses vitamins in better when they have a delayed-release. At high doses the recording will automatically lower into the intestine, causing an amount of vitamins will leave the body again. However, this is only the case with mega doses, at low-dose supplements it's sufficient to this during the meal.

For safety it is best to choose a supplement with up to 200% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A and vitamin B3 (Nicotinic Acid), 300% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B11 (folic acid) and up to 5 times the recommended daily allowance (500%) of the other vitamins per day.

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Can taking multivitamin completely replace eating food?

In an emergency, though. That was demonstrated by a long-term research with patients in the hospital were fed with artificial feeding to which all the vitamins were added. Such research is also used to determine what exactly is the vitamin requirements of the body. Some vitamins from supplements is more easily absorbed than from our diet, because the vitamins in supplements in free form. Vitamin supplements are certainly no substitute for foods for optimum health; fruit and vegetables contain vitamins for example next to many other important substances, such as fibre and all kinds of bio-active substances.

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What is safe with vitamins?

Vitamins are important for good health. Extra vitamins provide not that you extra healthy. However supplement in some cases very meaningful. As long as you don't have extreme amounts of vitamins takes is a supplement in complete safety.
In England is to a large number of vitamins a safe upper limit. This is the quantity that is still safe. Per vitamin and mineral is on our website listed what a safe amount. Prolonged use of a multivitamin with dosages above this limit can complaints.

If you suspect to have complaints through the use of a (multi) vitamin supplement we recommend you contact your doctor or the manufacturer.

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How much vitamins do I need?

In England the government has set guidelines via establishing what the RDA for vitamins and minerals. RDA stands for recommended daily allowance. This quantity is so established that most of the population is assured of the right amount of a certain vitamin or mineral.
The vitamin information Office recommends that you, if necessary, to choose a supplement with 100% to 300% of the RDA. On the packaging of a supplement or food stands a ADH, but that does not distinguish between different population groups, gender and/or age. This RDA gives only an indication. This can sometimes be confusing.

An example:
A woman with a pregnancy desire has a daily supplement with 400 micrograms of folic acid. For her is that 400 micrograms is equal to 100% RDA. The RDA is 200 mcg for all other Dutch citizens. Therefore, on the packaging that 400 mcg is equal to 200% RDA.

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Who needs vitamin supplements?

Some population groups have needed a supplement in addition to their daily diet, even though they eat still so healthy.
These groups have extra vitamins needed:
Women who are pregnant or want to become: read more
Babies: read more
Children under four years: read more
Women over 50 years: read more
Men and women over 70 years: read more
People who come out or not sufficiently cover their skin.
People with dark or tinted skin.
Vegans: read more
In addition, there are groups that extra on their (food) habits should pay attention because of a greater chance of a vitamin deficiency; (top) athletes, dieters, the elderly, smokers, vegetarians, sick and drug users. It is best to adjust the (food) habits, but if this fails, then a multivitamin for recharging.

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Metatarsal pads just like orthotic insoles can help prevent foot pain

In one of my previous articles I wrote about how orthotic insoles can make your shoes more comfortable to wear. In this article I will talking about another product that is similar to orthotic insoles. Metatarsal pads have been design by foot-care specialists as a way to cushion, absorb pressure, shock and provide comfort to the heel and ball of the foot.
We special technology incorporated in these metatarsal pads these inserts can effectively absorb any damaging energy that can tear, rupture or damage fragile tissues, ligaments, muscles and bones in your foot and heel.

Whilst you walk or even just standing your feet are put under a lot of pressure so it is important to provide adequate support to prevent heel and foot pain. Metatarsal pads do just this!

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